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  • Special Mission
  • Special Mission

Passive and Training Hotel

The Hotel is the first of its kind in Brussels. Not only is it a newly built total passive building, but it also focuses on training people. Our establishment will all year long host trainees who are following a course to enter the hotel industry. We have commited to training 115 persons per year, we will work with our local district training center. They will provide the theory and we will handle the practical side. Looking over the trainees, motivating them, giving them help, advice and, most importantly, the hotel industry passion! Our main goal is to help them to find jobs using our network and references when the training will be fulfilled. We are taking this part of our mission very seriously and believe it is the way forward in an ever more competitive job market.

Things are changing around us and caring for the environment and investing in people and local projects is crucial, we want to innovate and prove it can be done. By taking on this project, we have decided to actively participate in our local economy. The hotel will generate revenue and a business and tourist flow for the district.

It will set an example for ecological constructions, especially for hotels who are big energy consumers! Passive building is a standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable and ecological at the same time. They use energy sources inside the building such as body heat from the residents or solar heat entering the building. Special windows and a building shell consisting of highly insulated exterior walls, roof and floor salb keep the desired warmth in the building or undesirable heat out! A ventilation system consistently supplies fresh air making for superior air quality. Solar panels to provide as much self energy as possible are placed on the roof, together with a rain water recovery tank. We will focus on passing on that green message to our guests, visitors and own employees. With the training part, we will hopefully be a launching pad for motivated people who find it difficult these days to find a job.We are proud to be part of this project and will do our best to bring it to live and make it work!