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Belvue Project

BELVUE Project: much more than just a hotel

In Europe massive unemployment of young people is a crime against future generations. That is the reason why we are firmly committed, for each passing year, to offer training to 115 young people coming from the neighbourhood. We are here for helping them to find a proper job after they have passed some moments and time of their lifes to serve you.

The district of Molenbeek, in partnership with the Mission Locale of Molenbeek, has developed a unique project on this site. This 3-star hotel combines employment potential, urban renovation and energy efficiency. Hotel Belvue is more than a traditional hotel! It is also a project of socio-professional integration and a place of employment for low-skilled young people. As a trainee in a profession related to the hotel industry, they follow an education program with immediate practical application. This major project was realized with support of the European Union through its ERDF program (European Regional Development Fund), the Federal Government and the Brussels-Capital Region. The Hotel Belvue is located on the site of the former brewery dating back to the early 20th century and which has been vacant since 2006. Part of the site has been renovated and another demolished for the construction of this very low-energy building: it is the first passive hotel in Brussels! The district of Molenbeek is pleased to welcome you to this innovative project and wishes you a pleasant stay!